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The Toot Project for Accessories, Gifts and Luxuries has started since 2006, which is about 15 years, in the sale of accessories, jewelry and bags for women, men and children, in addition to fabrics and women's watches executed from my plastic paintings, and this was done through exhibitions held inside and outside the State of Kuwait. Besides using social media for marketing and selling. Then the project developed and I established a shop to sell these products and the project is still present and successful. But recently, some new products have been introduced, such as simple home decorations, clothes, some decorative tools for hair, paintings, greeting cards, leather wallets, key ties ... etc .; As these products met with acceptance and approval from customers, the step was to establish the Toot Central Market Company for non-foodstuffs in the Al-Jahra Awtad Complex. Why the central mass market Because it offers comprehensive products that meet all personal needs such as ready-made clothes, bags, accessories, watches, simple office and home decorations, gift boxes, packaging service ... etc; Except for food. Thus, the customer segment becomes larger due to the variety of products offered for sale. Location : Jahra; Complex pegs; Ain Jalout Street; Basement. This complex is considered one of the vital and crowded compounds throughout the year. What products are offered: 1- Women's, men's and children's accessories: bracelets; Scarp chains; Bags; Hours ; Rings; Body accessories. 2- Ready clothes for children, women and men; In addition to some clothes specially designed for Tut. 3- Products for gift wrapping such as papers, straw, dried and artificial flowers and boxes. 4- Small-sized office and home decor to beautify and coordinate the place where the decorations are to be used. What services are provided: 1- Providing multiple products under one roof to save time and effort for customers. 2- Gift wrapping. 3- Delivery of orders inside and outside the State of Kuwait. 4- Providing designs for Tut in the field of accessories and fabrics used in clothes, which are not available in the local market. 5- Repair, maintenance and polishing of hand-made accessories that do not require chemicals. 6- Providing personal assistance by choosing the best gift, how to present it and how to package it; In addition to helping in choosing the appropriate clothing or accessory for the age and body and coordinating colors. Customers: 1- Women of all ages. 2- Men of all ages. 3- Children. Sale methods: 1- Selling directly from the company. 2- Instagram and delivery service. 3- Snapchat and delivery service. 4- Participation in exhibitions inside and outside the State of Kuwait. 5- Follow up on everything that is new in social media and use it in the field of sales and marketing.


Incorporating classic and antique design, using warm colors, drawings and wall paintings; Besides using materials such as stone and wood; Due to what these materials suggest in terms of welcome, good reception and comfort when shopping.


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